10 March 2015 10:48

Elegant, a Flemish green energy company, becomes the first in Belgium to accept bitcoin payments. 

10 March 2015 05:19

Bitcoin Suisse AG has installed the first bitcoin ATM in Basel. Several new machines are planned to appear in Switzerland within next 6 weeks.

09 March 2015 17:01

SecondMarket Inc. did not succeed in its bid for the Silk Road bitcoins that were auctioned off last Thursday, according to Bloomberg. The government agency running the auction has confirmed the end of the auction but its winners remain unknown.

09 March 2015 15:21

A new digital currency bill, sponsored by Utah state representative Marc Roberts, received a favourable report from the relevant committee of the State Senate. The bill would create a special council that would look at the possibility of integrating digital currency into the state’s payment system.