20 February 2015 10:38

After almost a year of beta Testing, the payment processor Stripe has officially announced its integration of bitcoins. All customers can now choose to accept bitcoins.

20 February 2015 02:05

Dell has expanded its bitcoin payment coverage (via Coinbase) to the United Kingdom and Canada, becoming the largest international merchant that accepts bitcoin.

19 February 2015 17:37

Ledger, a French start developing bitcoin wallet hardware, has closed a seed round for €1.3 million from a group of French investors led by XAnge Capital. They plan to use the funding to develop security solutions for private keys.

19 February 2015 14:26

“Bitcoin for Miles”, part of the Delaware-based Bitcoins Inc., is now offering to buy bonus miles for bitcoins. You can get up to 0.017 bitcoins for each mile. This is a rare case: usually bitcoin companies do not buy bonus and gift points and sell them instead.