03 January 2015 19:05

The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami will begin in two weeks. A group of Reddit users has launched a campaign against one of its sponsors, Josh Garza

03 January 2015 18:34

Cody Wilson, a candidate for the Bitcoin Foundation Board Election in 2015, has launched a campaign to dismantle the Foundation if elected. Wilson claims the Foundation should be “destroyed” for collaborating with authorities instead of promoting the revolutionary concepts of technological libertarianism.

03 January 2015 15:45

According to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, the price of bitcoin has fallen to around $300 in the first exchange rate shift of 2015. The price of bitcoin fell by about $15 on January 3, reaching a low of $297.87.

02 January 2015 14:26

Anthony Kosner at Forbes suggests that bitcoin should be seen as a “necessary building block” in the future of the world economy.