13 February 2015 22:32

Bitcoin has reached the point of $239 at 16.00 GMT on Friday, 13th February, according to the Coindesk BPI. The price has grown by 7% since trading opened today.

13 February 2015 16:34

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission has prohibited Bitcoin Group Limited from publishing any statements about a potential IPO on the Australian Security Exchange (ASX) after the company used WeChat to spread the news.

13 February 2015 13:39

Happy couples can use bitcoin to book flights, hotels, spa weekends, buy jewellery, flowers, or virtual gifts. And if there is no one special in your life just yet, bitcoin can help, too.

13 February 2015 05:34

Former US Secretary of Treasury Lawrence Summers has praised bitcoin technology in a speech given at the American Museum of Finance on Wall Street in New York. He spelled name of the founder of Bitcoin as “Nakatomi”, but few people noticed, focusing instead on the message of the speech, which attracted the attention of the New York Times Dealbook.