14 January 2015 17:24

The sharp decline in the price of bitcoin has shocked many users of the digital currency. Nikolai Kolesnikov, Chief Technology Officer of, argues that the fall of bitcoin is based on the combination of several factors. One of these factors has a name: Bitstamp.

14 January 2015 07:42

On January 13, the price of bitcoin fell dramatically from $267 to a low point of approximately $170 before bouncing back to around $200 as of 09.30 GMT on January 14th, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index.

14 January 2015 05:19

Coin Center, a non-profit educational and research organisation for promoting digital currency, has launched a new website this month.

13 January 2015 21:23

A digital currency company collects a record amount of funding.