20 July 2018 18:45

The Chinese authorities again put EOS on the first place in the rating of the best blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Bitcoin still can not enter the top 10 of the rating.

19 July 2018 14:04

The decentralized platform for predictions Augur, which launched in early July, announced closure of first prediction markets and paid about $20,000 in ETH to predictors and bidders..

19 July 2018 14:03

The decentralized platform Stellar outperformed Litecoin in the rating of cryptocurrencies by capitalization and stepped up to the fifth line. Within a week, the price of XLM jumped more than 1.5 times.

19 July 2018 12:21

The subcommittee on monetary policy and trade of the US Congress held hearings on digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are innovative asset that needs to be regulated, but it should be done carefully, the hearings come to such a conclusion.