20 May 2019 11:40

Scandals involving user data leaks hit Facebook's ability to find appropriate professionals. They are not in a hurry to go to work for an employer that earned the reputation of a company that does not respect users privacy.

11 May 2019 07:16

Bitfinex will be the first trading platform to attract approximately $1 billion during the initial exchange offering. The attracted financing will allegedly be spent on covering losses from $850 million confiscated due to New York Attorney General's investigation.

08 May 2019 19:42

Binance fell victim to a successful hacker attack. Cybercriminals managed to withdraw 7000 BTC from the hot wallet of the exchange.

07 May 2019 09:40

Russian oil and gas company “Nordgas trading” has signed a memorandum of cooperation with “Fin foundation” company, implementing token payment on gas stations in South Korea. We have asked “Nordgas Trading” CEO Petr Zinchenko what he expects from this collaboration.