11 March 2019 10:06

Konstantin Ignatov, born in Bulgaria, was detained in the United States on suspicion of fraud. He was one of the founders of the OneCoin cryptocurrency project.

06 March 2019 14:30

The head and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab does not expect a quick large-scale implementation of cryptocurrencies in the world. According to him, if any mass adoption is to come, it will happen not earlier than 100 years from now.

05 March 2019 11:12

First international legal deal to buy Kakao friends have been made between South Korea and Russia.

04 March 2019 10:20

The plans of the Malta authorities to turn the island into a global blockchain hub may break on the unreadiness of the financial system to cooperate with cryptocurrency startups. According to market participants, the banks of Malta hardly open accounts for crypto companies.