11 January 2018 10:23

Fears of a possible ban on cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea has led to a sharp drop in the capitalization of the whole cryptocurrency market. It lost almost $100 billion in two hours.

10 January 2018 09:11

The price of Eastman Kodak shares on the New York Stock Exchange has grown by 119.35% after reports that the veteran of photo and cinema goods production plans to launch a blockchain-base system and attract financing via ICO.

09 January 2018 22:39

The Russian Ministry of Labor has issued updated recommendations for officials on how to declare incomes for 2017, mentioning virtual currencies. It is allowed to not declare assets in cryptocurrencies.

09 January 2018 21:17

Russian Railways, the largest railway holding in Russia, has successfully carried more than 5 thousand cargo transportations ordered via the blockchain-based system.