07 August 2018 12:27

Blockchain based fintech startup Crypterium challenges classic banks by introducing its new feature that allows its users to transfer any amount of cryptocurrency using not the complicated wallet addresses, but simply the recipient phone number.

07 August 2018 09:52

Since the beginning of the year, the number of ATMs providing services for purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies has almost doubled. The majority of them allows to buy and sell bitcoins and is located in the US.

07 August 2018 08:25

Trades on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges are manipulated by groups of scammers who use the "pump and dump" schemes forbidden in the traditional financial market.

06 August 2018 15:40

Bitmain, Chinese manufacturer of mining equipment, confirmed that it is opening a cryptocurrency mining enterprise in the United States. Investments in the data center are estimated at about $500 million.