18 September 2018 14:51

The company Encrypto Telecom (EncryptoTel) took part in the annual Carrier Community forum in Almaty, which traditionally was attended by representatives of major international telecom operators.

18 September 2018 13:43

Cryptocurrency can also be counterfeit. Using fake EOS tokens and critical vulnerability, scammers stole $58,000 from the decentralized trading platform.

18 September 2018 12:16

Attempts of South Korean authorities to fight anonymous trading in the cryptocurrency market have not yet been crowned with success. But the new initiative of the largest crypto exchanges can force traders to pass verification.

17 September 2018 20:16

Nasdaq, the second largest stock exchange of the world, announced its plans to purchase Sweden-based developer of software for brokers and stock exchanges. Crypto-enthusiasts pay attention to the fact that Cinnober is actively working in the digital assets market.