13 February 2015 05:34

Former US Secretary of Treasury Lawrence Summers has praised bitcoin technology in a speech given at the American Museum of Finance on Wall Street in New York. He spelled name of the founder of Bitcoin as “Nakatomi”, but few people noticed, focusing instead on the message of the speech, which attracted the attention of the New York Times Dealbook.

04 February 2015 21:51

Ross Ulbricht, a key person behind the Silk Road website, today was found guilty on 7 charges.

30 January 2015 19:50

Star Xu of OKCoin ranks the social aspect of bitcoin as at least as highly as the financial one. He wants to work in both domains.

28 January 2015 17:50

Gulnar Hasnain, a Green party candidate for the House of Commons in the London constituency of Vauxhall,  managed to raise 650 pounds for her campaign with bitcoin donations. Satoshi’s supporters come not only from the UK, but from the other side of the ocean as well.