04 January 2015 10:06

A bill has come into force in the state of California which specifies that bitcoin is not under any ban of issuance or circulation and, therefore, is legal for payments and transactions. The comments section of the bill clarifies what bitcoin is and how it operates.

03 January 2015 18:34

Cody Wilson, a candidate for the Bitcoin Foundation Board Election in 2015, has launched a campaign to dismantle the Foundation if elected. Wilson claims the Foundation should be “destroyed” for collaborating with authorities instead of promoting the revolutionary concepts of technological libertarianism.

01 January 2015 11:50

One of the best-known investors in the world explains how to invest: never stop studying, make long-term investments in reliable funds and avoid Bitcoin.

01 January 2015 10:42

The United States Federal Reserve Bank has published a report titled _Bitcoin: Technical Background and Data Analysis_, which contains a technical analysis of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin protocol.