19 January 2015 18:58

Bitcoin is as digital as any other money used by modern banks, according to a prominent figure in the U. S. banking system.

16 January 2015 11:29

A Department of Homeland Security agent acting as a witness for the defense claimed yesterday during the Silk Road trial that Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of the Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange, had been suspected by the US authorities of operating the black market under the pseudonym of Dread Pirate Roberts. Karpeles has denied his involvement on Twitter.

14 January 2015 17:24

The sharp decline in the price of bitcoin has shocked many users of the digital currency. Nikolai Kolesnikov, Chief Technology Officer of, argues that the fall of bitcoin is based on the combination of several factors. One of these factors has a name: Bitstamp.

09 January 2015 14:01

The starting price is 30 bitcoins. The video, made in 1992, allegedly shows the future president of Russia, his wife and daughters, and his former patron, Anatoly Sobchak,with his family.