30 May 2016 10:22

Bitcoin has died 102 times. This is the (mock) statistics provided by Bitcoin Obituaries. Similarly to bitcoin, numerous blockchain startups see their obituaries after only a year or two.

28 May 2016 11:11

The largest crowdsale in history has been organised by a decentralised autonomous organisation (The DAO), an investment platform without a managing centre, which has attracted over $132 million.

16 May 2016 23:50

Blockchain voting is a dream shared by many, libertarians and bitcoiners alike. Ideology aside, blockchain voting is safe, transparent and cheap. It also seems to be inevitable.

13 May 2016 13:20

“Blockchain” – the word is gaining popularity beyond the fintech world. But do we always mean the same thing using this term? CoinFox offers a deeper look into the problem.

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