30 September 2016 18:23

Since the beginning of 2015, the blockchain has been one of the most valued asset of the financial sector and IT industry. Yet, banks are still struggling to demonstrate valid use cases of the technology.

27 September 2016 14:28

The 2-day event in Shanghai was a massive success as the world’s leading banks, technology corporations and financial institutions expressed their positive attitude towards the technology.

22 September 2016 14:59

MWR InfoSecurity released an advisory on a vulnerability admittedly found in Monero wallets. The coin devs have replied with a harsh statement on the discovery criticising it as “a largely useless observation.”

14 September 2016 09:54

The proof of work system, the basis of the most popular and dominant cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, is a mining and computer power-based system in which participating users are required to solve difficult mathematical problems to validate and authenticate transactions.