05 January 2016 21:49

The number of bitcoin-selling machines in December 2015 was growing explosively. However, their distribution is as uneven as ever, with 86% located in North America and Europe. And many of them, as it turns out, do not work at all.

04 January 2016 20:03

Since 2011 bitcoin has been plagued by hacks, Ponzi schemes and increasingly professional thefts. 2015 was not an exception – it was marked by a series of notorious hackers’ attacks resulted in people loosing serious sums of bitcoins, both bitcoin companies and individuals keeping their assets in online bitcoin wallets. Coinfox has made a list of the most notorious attacks of the year. 

02 January 2016 13:27

Anonymity, the most controversial feature of bitcoin digital currency attracting some and raising suspicions in others, is now going through intense scrutiny, provoking heated discussions both in the blockchain community and within public/financial/security structures.

01 January 2016 09:48

In their Annual Report for 2015 McKinsey pointed out that the landscape of both the banking and non-banking sector is changing. At the turn of the year, CoinFox is asking which Ibero-American start-ups are to drive the change further in 2016.