14 September 2016 09:54

The proof of work system, the basis of the most popular and dominant cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, is a mining and computer power-based system in which participating users are required to solve difficult mathematical problems to validate and authenticate transactions.

13 September 2016 11:28

As we celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, CoinFox is wondering what is the difference between federation credits and bitcoins and whether the cryptocurrency is “real money” after all.

07 September 2016 20:02

A successful 51% attack executed by an anonymous group called “51 Crew” on Krypton and other small blockchain networks triggered an argument amongst experts concerning the safety of Proof-of-Work systems. 

07 September 2016 07:18

From hundreds of cryptocurrencies that ever existed, CoinFox has chosen five really strange ones, some of which you probably have not even heard about.