01 January 2016 09:48

In their Annual Report for 2015 McKinsey pointed out that the landscape of both the banking and non-banking sector is changing. At the turn of the year, CoinFox is asking which Ibero-American start-ups are to drive the change further in 2016.

31 December 2015 14:23

The end of the year is traditionally the time for reviews and forecasts. December 2014 was no exception. What did we expect a year ago? CoinFox gathered some of the predictions for 2015 and analysed whether they came true.

01 December 2015 06:50

The main recommendations of the SWIFT report are to adopt a rational approach to virtual currencies, elaborate a clear definition of “e-money” and continue considering the blockchain technology in order to fully benefit from upcoming market trends.

15 October 2015 11:38

The Halsey Minor’s company notable dismissing of bitcoin digital currency in favour of “pure” and neutral blockchain technology gave sceptics a handle for a new round of speculations on impending death of bitcoin.