18 March 2016 22:56

Ethereum platform has recently been on the march, partnering Microsoft to present its BaaS toolkit, releasing software, and much more. CoinFox looks into the platform’s distinguishing features.

18 March 2016 00:51

While bitcoin is struggling to undermine the world of traditional finance, University College London researchers have come up with something that is likely to undermine both. Meet RSCoin, the centralised digital currency.

06 March 2016 11:44

While the community of bitcoin developers continues arguing over solutions for the block size problem, the wider public is rather focused on the disruptive and innovative power of the bitcoin’s blockchain technology and speculates on its possible applications, the sharing economy and P2P lending services being just two of them.

19 February 2016 07:30

Chilean bitcoin exchange SurBTC succeeded in raising private investment of $300,000, Digital Currency Group being among the funders. CoinFox approached Founder and CEO of SurBTC Guillermo Torrealba and asked him about the company’s projects and the cryptocurrency market in Chile.