12 January 2015 08:46


An article on MONEY, the financial section of Time’s web portal, explains that big companies like Dell, PayPal, Expedia, and Microsoft partner with bitcoin operators like Coinbase or BitPay in order to accept customer payments in bitcoins.

10 January 2015 10:17

BitStamp exchange resumed operations after 5-day stop. Management moved main servers of the trading platform from Europe to San-Francisco

08 January 2015 15:02

The bitcoin-friendly online gold exchange Amagi Metals has announced that it will pay a portion of salary to its entire staff in Bitcoins. CEO Stephen Macaskill will accept $40,000 of his yearly salary in digital currency.

07 January 2015 11:31

Founder of Bitstamp exchange Nejc Kodrič informed clients of the company, that their balances held before 5th of January are safe. Meanwhile Reddit users are posting messages about movement of stolen bitcoins.