31 March 2015 16:37

With the integration of bitcoin by GuestLogix, air passengers can now pay in bitcoin onboard aircraft and at other points throughout their travel journey. CoinFox reached out to GuestLogix to find out more.  

30 March 2015 22:24

Invoiced, a billing system that helps freelancers and small businesses to create invoices and receive online payments from their clients, has announced it is integrating bitcoin via the Stripe payment processor.

27 March 2015 23:39

The Stockholm-based BTCX exchange received a request from Skatterverket, the Swedish tax agency, to disclose information about its customers’ transaction history. The company has characterized the request as “extremely intrusive”. 

26 March 2015 21:32

 The American company BitWage and Xapo, a bitcoin company, have issued the first payroll cards that allow people to receive part of their salary in bitcoins and spend it in dollars, pounds sterling, and euro.