19 February 2015 06:42

The bitcoin investment fund Pantera Capital is collecting syndicate bids to win the upcoming auction of the Federal Marshals Service. The minimum bid is $50,000. Pantera will receive 1% of each winning bid.

18 February 2015 23:16

Satoshilabs, the creators of Trezor, an offline bitcoin wallet, are planning to introduce Colored Coins and smart contracts to their service. The company claims that developers who use these blockchain applications should feel free to add support for Trezor to their products.

16 February 2015 22:07

The UK-based bitcoin exchange platform Netagio has announced plans to restructure its current business. The company will stop providing exchange and trading services and will launch a cash storage ‘facility’ in March 2015.

16 February 2015 18:58

The law firm of Anderson, Desimone & Green in southwestern Virginia has begun to accept bitcoins. The firm is 30 minutes away from the campus of Virginia Tech, the alma-mater of many bitcoin entrepreneurs.