19 February 2015 14:26

“Bitcoin for Miles”, part of the Delaware-based Bitcoins Inc., is now offering to buy bonus miles for bitcoins. You can get up to 0.017 bitcoins for each mile. This is a rare case: usually bitcoin companies do not buy bonus and gift points and sell them instead.

19 February 2015 09:49

A major bitcoin storage platform is offering its customers the option to convert their bitcoin accounts into six fiat currencies and four precious metals. Swiss franc and three metals have been added recently.

19 February 2015 06:42

The bitcoin investment fund Pantera Capital is collecting syndicate bids to win the upcoming auction of the Federal Marshals Service. The minimum bid is $50,000. Pantera will receive 1% of each winning bid.

18 February 2015 23:16

Satoshilabs, the creators of Trezor, an offline bitcoin wallet, are planning to introduce Colored Coins and smart contracts to their service. The company claims that developers who use these blockchain applications should feel free to add support for Trezor to their products.