16 January 2015 05:51

AirBitz, a bitcoin wallet and bitcoin business directory, plans to hide bitcoins around Miami as part of it promotional “Hidden bits” event. Clues to the bitcoins’ locations will be tweeted daily during the Miami Bitcoin Conference.


The North American bitcoin conference will take place in Miami on January 25th and 26th. The event will bring together more than 1,500 community members, with well-established bitcoin entrepreneurs as well as emerging talents among the speakers.

The California-based AirBitz has made the mainstream adoption of bitcoin one of its goals. The business was founded in January 2014 with a focus on user-friendly applications facilitating transactions in bitcoin. The AirBitz mobile bitcoin wallet was released in October 2014.

Once found, free bitcoins can be claimed through the AirBitz wallet for mobile devices. “We are hiding #bitcoin in cities near you. Use Airbitz wallet to find the #hiddenbits. Follow us for daily clues!”, the official company's twitter says.

According to the discussions on Twitter, daily clues will be sent on Friday and during the weekend. Answering questions from other Twitter users, the company representative gave an example of a clue: Search for "Red Pill Smoothies" in "Cypherpunkville". The company expects the event to raise awareness of digital currency and promote the AirBitz mobile app.


16 January 2015 05:00

To protect the cryptocurrency from theft, one of the leading bitcoin storage companies plans to hide encryption keys in underground bunkers and on a satellite.

15 January 2015 18:01

On January 14th, 2015, there were 114,787 bitcoin transactions.

15 January 2015 16:06

Perfect Money, an online payment processor, has introduced bitcoin accounts, according to the company’s website. Users can add money to their bitcoin wallets through listed certified exchangers.