07 January 2015 11:41

The recent drop in bitcoin prices does not mean that the digital economy is in crisis. Even if the price of the digital currency dips down to $150, it won’t be the end of Bitcoin – or so says NASDAQ columnist Martin Tillier.

06 January 2015 10:08

A statement on Bitstamp’s website informs the company’s customers of the loss of 19,000 BTC and temporary suspension of services. Still, there is nothing to worry about, says the company.

05 January 2015 20:06

The slump in Bitcoin prices at the end of 2014 came at the same time as the Chinese stock market recovered. It might be not a simple coincidence.

04 January 2015 16:08

Tim Draper posted on Twitter saying that now is the time to exchange rubles for Bitcoin. He did not comment or specify any reason for his suggestion. Other users met the idea with scepticism.