10 February 2016 13:06

Opt-in RBF (Replace-By-Fee) is a useful feature of bitcoin mesh network and will help the development of the cryptocurrency. Thus spoke Stephen Pair, CEO and Co-founder of BitPay.

08 February 2016 20:15

Visa presents the company's vision on microtransactions and seeks to provide merchants with software for managing micropayments in virtual currency. This might be a step towards looking into the digital currency bitcoin.

08 February 2016 04:45

Five leading British fund houses have formed a consortium to study the benefits of blockchain integration. They are considering using blockchain to make asset transfer more efficient. 

05 February 2016 19:41

Japanese electronics giant starts experimenting with fintech and invites firms to take part in the Sony FinTech Innovation Challenge. Blockchain has been included among its areas of focus.