30 September 2015 14:21

The first bitcoin miner in the world to be publicly listed, having lost $6.8 million because of decrease in bitcoin price, has decided to stop bitcoin mining. The company is going to specialize in remittances.

24 September 2015 15:33

The biggest bitcoin processing company, BitPay decided to stop offering the unlimited starting plan for new clients and changed their pricing policy for the Business plan.

22 September 2015 21:31

A bitcoin company, Circle has announced full compliance of its service with the New York's BitLicense. Additionally, Circle now allows users to send and receive U.S. dollars using an account linked to a bitcoin wallet.

22 September 2015 13:55

21 Inc announced the release of a new kind of computer with native hardware and software support for the bitcoin protocol. Earlier this year the company attracted $116 million investments.