03 September 2015 20:39

Paymium, a leading European bitcoin-euro exchange service, announced that it closed a seed round of €1 million funded by Newfund, Galitt, Kima Ventures and a number of undisclosed business angels. 

03 September 2015 09:38

BitFury announced a new bitcoin mining chip, raising energy efficiency threefold. Meanwhile, a new bitcoin miner designed by Bitmain is, according to the company, two times more energy efficient compared to the previous one.

02 September 2015 20:08

According to the official press release Coinbase has partnered with Vogogo risk management and payment processing company.

31 August 2015 23:26

Beam, a start-up that allowed Africans to instantly remit money by using bitcoin, has announced shutdown of its Bitcoin remittance services.