The rating of the Chinese unicorn companies for the first time included participants from the cryptocurrency industry. They are three Chinese companies that produce mining equipment.

The Shanghai-based Hurun Research Institute published its Q2 Unicorn Index for the Greater China region, which lists 130 unicorn companies registered in mainland China. It includes Chinese companies whose market valuation exceeds $1 billion. The rating included companies from the cryptocurrency industry for the first time. Those unicorns are Bitmain, Canaan Creative and Ebang.

Bitmain was valued at $10.4 billion and placed on the 13th line in the list of unicorn companies, Canaan and Ebang were valued at $3 and $1.5 billion and ranked at the 32nd and 53rd line respectively.

Earlier, Bitmain closed a financing round, which supposedly precedes its IPO. As a result of the last round, Bitmain was valued at $12 billion.

Canaan and Ebang also plan to conduct an IPO. Both companies have chosen the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) as the platform for their public shares offerings and hope to attract up to $1 billion during their IPOs.