Vitalik Buterin confirmed suspicions that the recent overload of the Ethereum network was the result of a spam attack, and suggested that it costed to attackers about $15 million.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin estimated the latest spam attack on Ethereum at $15 million, 5 million cups of green tea, 75 Lamborghini sports cars, 25 financing rounds of Coinbase during its seed investment phase, or 0.9% of the funds raised by the Telegram team via initial coin offering (ICO).

“Free market principles prevent me from being too upset at someone using the ETH blockchain as they wish, but wow,” added Buterin.


There are no exact data on personalities of spam attackers on the Ethereum network, but some market participants suspect that the attack was initiated by the EOS project team.

"Myself, and many other high profile ethereum application developers made a prediction that EOS would in all likelyhood, attempt to attack the eth network gas prices to validate the launch of their platform," wrote Justo, developer from the team that launched two gambling dapps called PoWH3D and Fomo3D.

Justo revealed that IFishYunYu, a token which doesn’t have any features or anything, was partly funded by an address that received “a lot of crowdfunded EOS.” Another random token, Hashcoin, was consuming 20% of Ethereum’s network.

“Looks like an entire network of shitcoins connecting into one another to look legitimate,” Justo added.