Decenturion token (DCNT) has become the first state token in the history, which got listed on the cryptocurrency exchange. The starting price of 1 DCNT equals to $1,500 and will only increase as new startups enter the Decenturion market.

 Decenturion, the world’s first decentralized state built on blockchain technology, has listed its DCNT token on HitBTC, the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange by the traded value. Decenturion token (DCNT) became the first state token in the history, which got listed on the cryptocurrency exchange. The starting price of 1 DCNT token is $1,500 and is explained by the high demand for citizenship in the blockchain state. At the moment, about 140 000 citizens are registered in Decenturion. The growth of the token value on the open market is estimated based on the accession of new startups to the token economy of Decenturion. And the obligatory requirement for any startup entering the Decenturion market is to distribute 50% of their tokens among Decenturion citizens, which equals to $50 million minimum. By the end of 2018, the anticipated income per 1 DCNT will amount to $25,000 — and this is not just GDP, but the amount of passive income not including the growth in the token price of a project with a million users. Even in the most conservative forecasts, this figure will be brought close to $1 000 000 per year in the shortest period possible.

“This truly remarkable event was another step on the way to a noble goal — unlimited opportunities for monetizing the participation of every Decenturion citizen in the life of the state,” said Nick Evdokimov, Minister of Information, Decenturion.
“DCNT is a token, possessing all the might of money, power and glory of the Decenturion state. Thanks to its current level of market capitalization based on such quantitative values ​​as the volume of emission and the token price, DCNT automatically ranks among the TOP-5 tokens represented on the exchange. This is an excellent opportunity for our citizens to get the maximum benefit from joining the Decenturion”, commented Alexander Forostin, Minister of Commerce, Decenturion.

How to become a Decenturion citizen

To become a citizen of Decenturion, one ought to complete the registration procedure and activate their citizenship at A citizen will receive a personal landing page in the general structure of the Decenturion state and a guide to participation in economic activities. On August 1, 2018, 100 000 DCNT tokens will be distributed among the registered citizens of Decenturion. The system will distribute free DCNT tokens to each citizen who added their ETH wallet address with a positive balance, in proportion to the volume of the ethereum on their wallets at the time of emission.

Information about the blockchain state

Decenturion Decenturion is the world’s first decentralized state, where the economy, management, and communications are built on blockchain technologies. Decenturion is one of the best projects represented at Consensus 2018 by the version of the business edition, Entrepreneur.
Decenturion exists thanks to the activities of its citizens. They do not pay taxes, and Decenturion transfers all its assets to the citizens in the form of startups tokens admitted to the Decenturion market. The liquid cryptocurrency received as a result of the sale of tokens on the external market becomes a citizen’s profit and is not subject to any taxes in the Decenturion. Startups distribute their tokens among Decenturion citizens and get a huge audience of millions of potential users, hundreds of thousands of resellers, tens of thousands of citizens involved in the promotion of the project, and thousands of professional consultants. Relations between Decenturion and the citizen are regulated through a smart contract, which is available by the link

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