Fortune for the first time published a rating of young leaders of the cryptocurrency industry whose age does not exceed 40 years. The gender diversity is striking: women account for almost half of the rating.

The 34-year-old Brian Armstrong, CEO of the US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, topped the Fortune's rating of "Ledger 40 under 40". Armstrong's Coinbase "catapulted into the mainstream, eclipsing Charles Schwab in total accounts."

The second place is occupied by the 24-year-old Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, a "skinny visionary" who experimented with the innovative technology, and created a system which several years ago was just a White Paper, and years later, turned to be a network with a market capitalization of $48 billion.

Jihan Wu, co-founder of the Chinese producer of mining equipment Bitmain, occupies the third place. He managed to build a company whose market estimate after the last funding round exceeds $12 billion.

The rating also includes Vlad Tenev and Baju Bhatt, co-founders of the Robinhood trading platform, Patrick and John Collinson, co-founders and CEO of Stripe, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, co-founders of US-based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, EOS creator Dan Larimer, Song Chi-Hyung, founder of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange UpBit, Arthur Hayes, CEO BitMEX, and bitcoin evangelist Balaji Srinivasan.

Excentric Telegram founder Pavel Durov, who broke into the cryptocurrency industry in 2018, starting with an ambitious blockchain project of Telegram Open Network, closes the top 10 of the rating.

Among 40 participants, 16 are female. The rating includes Kathleen Breitman, co-founder of the Tezos project, while another Tezos co-founder, Arthur Breitman, being absent in the rating, Rachel Mayer, leading product manager of Circle, Elizabeth Stark, co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs, and Elizabeth Rossiello, founder and CEO of BitPesa, and others.