The eccentric bitcoin enthusiast and millionaire Roger Ver, who has been supporting Bitcoin Cash since last year, went on an attack on cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms that do not allow buying and selling BCH., owned by crypto millionaire Roger Ver, began to refuse advertising to those trading platforms that do not support exchange operations with Bitcoin Cash, the bitcoin fork, which is supported and actively promoted by Ver.

"We have noted at this time your exchange currently does not offer Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and only offers customers the option to buy Bitcoin Core (BTC). We are making a change on our exchange listing requirements that all listed exchanges must offer Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in order to remain listed on our website," the letter of to the Swiss-based cryptocurrency exchange Bity reads.

The letter was posted on the Reddit forum. urges the Swiss provider to add Bitcoin Cash to its listing, otherwise the portal will remove all advertising of Bity.

"If we don't see any changes that reflect the addition of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on your exchange within the next 30 days then your listing will be removed from"

In response to, Bity answered that it is a Swiss company and currently does not see the market for using BCH.

"In Switzerland there is currently no economy that we are aware of which uses BCH. There are no cases of businesses being built around the direct use of BCH, unlike with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). There are also no salaries being paid in BCH, or companies being created to service the BCH community."

Bity is focused on cryptocurrencies with an already existing and strong economy and community, the trading platform added.

Earlier, Ver called Bitcoin Cash a real bitcoin as it was seen and designed by bitcoin's creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Some crypto enthusiasts accused him of deliberately deceiving inexperienced investors.