Another manufacturer of mining equipment states a significant drop of demand for mining equipment on the world market.

According to AMD, major chip manufacturer, computing and graphics segment revenue fell 3% quarter-over-quarter to $1.09 billion, which decline was primarily related to lower revenue from GPU products in the "blockchain market," as the company calls it.

At the same time, on an annual basis, revenue increased by 64%.

According to AMD forecasts, the III quarter will also see a falling demand for GPU products from miners, but the total sales will grow to $1.7 billion, mainly due to the growth of sales of Ryzen and EPYC products.

In June, it was already known that video card manufacturers are preparing to reducing demand from miners. According to the June report by DigiTimes, Nvidia and AMD video cards expected reduction in supplies and profits from the sale of GPU equipment in the second half of 2018. Because of increased pressure of world regulators on the cryptocurrency market and price drop of the whole crypto market, many individual miners and small mining farms left the market.

The decreasing demand is seen not only on GPU market, but also in the ASIC segment. Earlier, the Taiwanese component manufacturer TSMC forecasted that the market of mining equipment will continue to fall.

"Moving into third quarter 2018, we anticipate our business will benefit from new product launches using TSMC 7-nanometer technology while cryptocurrency mining demand will decrease from second quarter," Lora Ho, senior vice president and chief financial officer, was quoted as saying.

TSMC supplies Bitmain, the world's largest manufacturer of mining equipment.