Within a year, cryptojacking software sales increased fivefold. Software allows to engage in fraudulent activities persons with low technical knowledge.

During the first half of 2018, the Group-IB Threat Intelligence Cyber ​​Intelligence System recorded 477 ads about the sale or lease of hidden mining programs on hacker forums, while in the same period of 2017 their number was only 99.

Hidden mining, or cryptojacking, is the use of computing power of a PCs, smartphones, other devices or corporate infrastructure for the mining of cryptocurrencies without the consent of their owner.

An average cost of cryptojacking software is about $10, and the minimum price, which was found by the company's experts, was $0.5.

"The low entry barrier to the illegal mining market results in a situation where cryptocurrency is being mined by people without technical expertise or experience with fraudulent schemes. When they gain access to simple tools for making money off hidden cryptocurrency mining, they don’t consider it a crime," said Rustam Mirkasymov, an expert on cyberintelligence of Group-IB.

According to him, cryptojacking spreading is also due to the lack of legislation, which leaves enough loopholes to avoid legal persecution for such delinquency.

"There are still very few arrests and cases of prosecution for cryptojacking," he added.

Cryptojacking is dangerous primarily because it loads computing power of user computers and corporate networks and threatens the stability of business processes. Infecting corporate infrastructure with a trojan-miner can lead to the failure of enterprise applications, networks and systems.