Bitcoin, although it is gaining increasing popularity in the world, still causes suspicions among law enforcement officials. Therefore, it is better to refrain from showing symbols related to cryptocurrencies, while traveling.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are advised not to demonstrate crypto-related logos or stickers at airports and railway stations, as they can be scrutinized by security services, an expert said.

Security expert Matt Mitchell warned crypto-enthusiasts that their love to cryptocurrency symbols can play against them and they may be asked to undergo an additional safety check at the airport or other public places.

“Conferences, border crossing, airports, public places, stickers will/can get you targeted for opposition research, industrial espionage, legal or investigative scrutiny,” Tactical Tech’s director of digital safety, Matt Mitchell explained to Motherboard.

In one case, Mitchell said a hacker friend ended up missing a flight over stickers.

And it seems not to be a new information to bitcoiners. Even in 2017, according to crypto developer Jameson Lopp, a bitcoin developer was detained for 12 hours in an unnamed US airport after telling security services that he arrived to attend the Scaling Bitcoin conference.