Despite the sharp crash of the cryptocurrency market, the bitcoin network every day welcomes new mining facilities. In August, the hashrate of bitcoin increased by 25%, and since the beginning of the year it has jumped more than twofold.

Bears and their resistance on the cryptocurrency market does not prevent bitcoin from attracting more and more entrepreneurs. Every day, dozens of mining enterprises are apparently being launched in the world. In August 2018 alone, the bitcoin hashrate rose to the new all-time high, reaching almost 62 quintillion hashes per second.

At the end of July, the hashrate approached 50 quintillion of hashes per second, and in June, 43 quintillion hashes per second were reached.

The launch of mining enterprises indicates that their owners see potential in bitcoin, even despite its drop from its record level of $20,000 to the current $7,000.

Financial analyst Max Keiser is confident that sooner or later the bitcoin price will follow its hashrate. And as it is now demonstrating such rapid growth, then the price of bitcoin will jump significantly in the near term. In his opinion, the new target for bitcoin will be taking a mark of $28,000.