Bitcoin demonstrates a sharp drop in its volatility since September 2017. The bitcoin volatility decreased to its record low of 8.8%, although in January it reached 40%.

According to CryptoCompare, bitcoin demonstrates unbelievable price stability. If in January the bitcoin volatility was 30-40%, and in February its price was witnessed to jump by 74%, then by this September the bitcoin volatility decreased to 8.88%.

"The increased price stability of Bitcoin over the last couple of days has not been witnessed for a while and I think it should be viewed as a positive sign with more gains to come, especially in the coming months," Oliver Isaacs, blockchain investor, advisor & influencer, said. According to him, the decrease in volatility will attract new players to the market, which will increase demand for cryptocurrency and its price may again exceed $8,000.

The bitcoin price has already grown to a monthly high, exceeding $7,390. At this level, bitcoin was not traded since the beginning of August 2018. Bitcoin capitalization again returned to $240 billion.

Yet, some notice mixed signals from the cryptocurrency market. Analyst Charles Hayter recalled that demand for short positions on some exchanges in the pair bitcoin / US dollar increases again, exerting pressure on the price of bitcoin and pushing it down.