Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, world heritage center of Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe, refused to pray for the growth of cryptocurrencies price.

The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, reported that information about the so-called "Prayer for the Growth of Cryptocurrencies Price", which was supposedly to be held in the Lavra on 3 September, is untrue. The information about this prayer was distributed via social media and was posed mostly as a comic show.

"Unfortunately, this false information is spreading in social networks, and its goal is to discredit both the service performed in the main sanctuary of our nation and the entire Ukrainian Orthodox Church."

It was explained that such a moleben could not take place in the Lavra, since its theme does not correspond to Christian doctrine.

"Neither the Brotherhood of the Lavra nor the clergy can interfere in state affairs, in financial and economic processes, and such "prayer" contradicts clearly to the teachings of Christ," the Lavra said in a statement.

The prayer for the cryptocurrency price growth is a popular meme in the Russian-speaking segment of Internet. It uses a photoshoped image of an announcement about a similar secular event. There is also popular meme about Prayer for cryptocurrency mining cease.