Financing projects by selling tokens no longer attracts investors' attention the way it did in previous years. In August, the share of successful ICOs fell to a year to date record low.

In August, ICO projects attracted $651 million. This is the worst result since the beginning of the year. From January to May, ICO projects attracted more than a billion dollars per month, and in June they managed to raise $945 million, according to statistics of ICORating.

The most alarming sign is that the share of successful ICOs is declining with the overall growth in the number of projects entering the ICO market. If in January and February successful ICOs accounted for 53% and 55% of total number of ICOs completed, respectively, then by August the indicator fell to a record low of 23%. Thus, statistics show that the initial coin offering as a method of raising funds enters the mainstream, and more projects are turning to this way of attracting financing, while fewer of them are able to complete the crowdfunding campaign with success.

ICO projects managed to raise only $14.8 million within the week that ended on 27 August. This is the worst result for the entire 2018, Iconbox revealed. Only 4 of the 36 start-ups that completed initial coin offerings decided to publish the results of their crowdfunding campaigns.

Hiding such data may be a sign that those projects, most likely, did not meet their financing goals and could not raise even the minimum amount needed (soft cap).