Constantinople, the upcoming hard fork of Ethereum, is preliminarily scheduled to be activated in the next month. The date of its activation in the Ethereum mainnet will be decided later.

The long-awaited upgrade of the Ethereum network is scheduled to be activated in October. The Ethereum core developers agreed that Constantinople, aimed at improving the efficiency of the Ethereum network and changing its economic policy, can be launched around 9 October.

The upgrade will be activated in the testnet Ropsten. The exact date of the activation is still unknown due to the unpredictability of block confirmation times in the test network.

Similarly, the activation time of Constantinople in the Ethereum mainnet has yet to be determined.

Speaking in a bi-weekly video call, Ethereum Foundation communications officer Hudson Jameson suggested that Constantinople activation in the mainnet may happen in November or December.

Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin noted that there is little urgency to get the Constantinople upgrade out.

"It's totally not urgent. We could probably have three months of safety and likely even more."

The developers also discussed the ethereum improvement proposals (EIPs), that can be included in the subsequent hard fork called Istanbul, currently planned to be activated eight months after the launch of Constantinople.