The popular Ethereum-service MyEtherWallet faces more hacker attacks than banks from the Fortune 500 list.

On average, MyEtherWallet (MEW) undergoes 30-40 hacker attacks per week, and this figure is growing. This number was revealed by Segasec, a cybersecurity company, responsible for defending MEW from malicious attacks. According to Segasec co-founder Elad Schulman, that fact that MEW gained such popularity among cybercriminals demonstrated that this is one of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency industry.

Since the beginning of cooperation with MEW, Segasec has taken down 313 active attacks. Schulman underlined that MEW was targeted significantly more times than some of the big names in the enterprise industries, like large financial institutions.

However, some hackers succeeded in MEW attacking. Thus, in the spring of 2018, hackers managed to crack some of the DNS servers of MyEtherWallet. Users of the service were hiddenly redirected to a phishing site that stole their private keys. Cybercriminals managed to steal about 216 ETH worth $152,000 at that time.

MEW has repeatedly been the victim not only of hacker attacks, but also scammers who use phishing. Fake phishing applications calling themselves MEW for iOS and Android repeatedly penetrated into official app stores, but later were deleted after user complaints.