EncryptoTel was the first telecommunications blockchain platform to receive state licensed.

The Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation issued four licenses for the provision of communication services:


- Telematic communications services


- Communications services in data transfer for the purpose of voice information transfer


- Communications services in data transfer, except for services in data communications for the purpose of voice information transfer


- Local telephone services, except for local telephone services involving payphones and collective access equipment.

The obtained licenses allow EncryptoTel to provide a full range of telecommunications services: Internet access, SMS messaging, hosting and maintaining GPS monitoring systems, as well as delivering electronic reporting, interacting with other telecom operators on data transmission and classical telephone communication.


"As a company that advocates the introduction of innovative technologies, including blockchain, into the telecommunications business, we believe that working in accordance with the legislation and meeting the requirements and standards of national regulators is a necessary step in order to demonstrate reliability of new technologies to potential customers.", - Roman Nekrasov, CEO of EncryptoTel.


EncryptoTel is a platform with a full range of telecommunications services based on cloud PBX with cryptographic encryption based on proven algorithms and blockchain technology. EncryptoTel offers modern VOiP-telephony services with the ability to conduct detailed data analysis.