Arbidex cross exchange arbitrage platform has announced that tests of brand new MOB mode is over and it is available for users.

The tool will allow users to trade on 4 top crypto exchanges simultaneously.


Arbidex is connected to the exchanges using an API interface, receiving and analyzing up-to-date data: it scans asset prices on each particular exchange in real time. Among already integrated exchanges: OKEx, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex.


Using the Mix Order widget, users can see  the best selling and buying prices on different exchanges in real time, as well as the best cryptocurrency rates and spreads between exchanges. According to Arbidex agreement with the exchanges,  users will need to register and pass the KYC procedure only once (no need to do it on every single exchange). Also, commission rates will be significantly lower. This is also part of bilateral agreement - Arbidex bringing new traders and liquidity to the exchanges and in return they lower their commission.


“We just have released new account interface”, - says Kamilya Arslanova, CEO Arbidex. “There we have implemented Mix Order Book and many new features. We have added Basic grade to Upgraded, Silver, Gold and Ultimate users grade. Basic grade will give access to arbitrage to users who have deposit less than 1000 ABX. We also implemented live graphs performing cryptocurrency rates and many other widgets. All positive changes can be seen on”.


About Arbidex:


Arbidex - cross-exchange arbitrage platform. Founded in 2017, headquartered in London. Arbidex aspires to minimize trading risks by accumulating liquidity from all major cryptocurrency exchanges and completely automate the arbitration process for the user. It is basically a trading platform designed to aggregate in one terminal crypto-assets and liquidity from all major exchanges with a capability to search for arbitration options and automatically implement them. The platform is able to analyze thousands of crypto-currency pairs and find most favorable ones making up to 2-3% revenue. Cointelegraph named Arbidex one of the best solutions to facilitate access to the new assets.