Despite the fall of the cryptocurrency market, the number of ATMs that provide services for purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies has more than doubled over the year.

USA as the main market

According to Coin ATM Radar statistics, there are currently 4085 cryptocurrency ATMs in the world. As of 4 December, 2017, there were only 1893 ATMs.

Every day more than 7 machines are installed in the world.

Nearly three-quarters of all bitcoin ATMs are located in North America, with the USA being the leader. In the United States, there are more than half of all crypto ATMs installed in the world or 2,283 machines. The second place is occupied by Canada with 620 crypto machines, while Austria stands in the third place, with 263 bitcoin ATMs installed. Earlier, the UK occupied the third line in the rating, but Austria managed to circumvent the kingdom.

The largest manufacturers of ATMs are Puerto Rico-based Genesis Coin and Czech Republic-based General Bytes. They account for 31.8% and 30.6% of the global crypto ATMs market, respectively. The US-based Lamassu accounts for 10.7%.

Russia in the gray zone

However, there are still white or gray zones for bitcoin ATMs. For example, in Russia, due to the lack of cryptocurrency legislation, crypto ATMs can be considered as a violation of existing laws. So, in August, after the request of the Russian Central Bank, 22 bitcoin ATMs of BBFPro company located in nine Russian cities were seized by police.

Law enforcement agencies later explained that such business violates existing legislation and could contribute to the legalization of criminal proceeds and financing of terrorism.