The mainnet of the blockchain platform Telegram Open Network and its Gram token will be launched in March. Telegram founder will meet with TON investors and demonstrate the platform.

Gram for Everyone

Telegram founder Pavel Durov is getting ready to show his new product, Telegram Open Network (TON) which attracted $1.7 billion via closed rounds of ICO a year ago. The meeting with major investors reportedly is scheduled to take place within a month, the Russian newspaper The Bell reports citing sources, familiar with the plans of TON founders. At this meeting, the TON team will demonstrate how the blockchain platform works.

Investors will be shown a test version of TON, while and its mainnet is expected to be launched in March.

According to the last letter to investors, the TON team promised to launch the platform in early 2019, admitting that there could be a slight delay lasting for two or three months due to the “innovative nature of the project”. As of January, TON was about 90% ready. In February, an audit of the TON test network will be held in order to find errors and bugs.

Pavel Durov traditionally did not comment on information leaked to the media.

About TON

The TON blockchain platform attracted $1.7 billion during the closed rounds of ICO in 2018. Although Telegram's creator Pavel Durov kept all the information about the blockchain platform in secret, it leaked to the media, and after filing documents with the US Securities Commission and US Stock Exchanges (SEC), the amounts raised from investors became public. The total number of investors amounted to 175.

It is planned to issue 5 billion Gram tokens in total, 2.89 billion of which are already sold to investors.

According to the consulting company Hash CIB, TON can capture a market share of up to 10% in the field of cloud storage, DNS and anonymizers. According to their estimates, the project will receive 10% of the VPN market by 2026, 1% and 10% of the DNS market in 2022 and 2026, respectively, and 10% of the cloud storage market by 2026.

According to analysts, the main advantage of the blockchain platform is that it is built on the wide user base of the Telegram messenger (about 200 million accounts).