Craig Wright, who tried to convince the world that he is Satoshi Nakamoto who created bitcoin, made changes to his blog posts in order to prove his involvement in the invention of the first cryptocurrency, experts of WikiLeaks found out.

Cheating as a way of life

Last week, “False Satoshi” and Bitcoin SV supporter Craig Wright criticized WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht.

“I do not like Wikileaks, and I have never been a fan of Assange’s methods. More importantly, I am strongly opposed to criminal markets and bucket shops. Ross Ulbricht and others like him are criminals. They are not freedom fighters, they are not libertarians. They simply are predators, and they are all that Bitcoin was designed to make far more difficult,” Wright wrote in his blog.

He insisted that blockchain and bitcoin were invented to work within the legal frameworks.

“Bitcoin was not designed as an anarchist system. It was designed to allow trade and commerce, but in the limits of the law.”

Wright went further in his thoughts and said that bitcoin was never designed to stop government taxing or bring down all banks.

The answer from WikiLeaks was not long in coming. They published on GitHub a statement in which they called Craig a “serial cheater” and provided evidence that he had repeatedly framed the facts in the documents to prove his involvement in the creation of bitcoin.


For example, they discovered a text written by Craig Wright in 2008. As it turned out, between June 2014 and October 2015, Wright made changes to the publication by adding the word “cryptocurrency”, although not a single word was said about it in the original text.

“Serial fabricator who claims to be inventor of Bitcoin, Craig S. Wright, now claims that Bitcoin was always pro-state and that he always worked for the prosecution, as he tries to raise money for business project and escape court action,” WikiLeaks said in its post in Twitter.

«Серийный обманщик, который называет себя изобрателем биткоина, Крейг С.Райт, теперь утверждает, что биткоин всегда был прогосударственным и что он всегда планировался для использования в отслеживании. Все дело в том, что он пытается привлечь инвестиции в один бизнес-проект и избежать судебных разбирательств», — говорится в посте WikiLeaks.