In the Netherlands, three unknown persons attacked a cryptocurrency owner when he was at home with his 4-year-old daughter. In front of the child's eyes, criminals wearing police uniforms tortured the investor, demanding his cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency or life

The robbery occurred in the Dutch village of Drouwenerveen. Three robbers, disguised with balaclavas and wearing bulletproof vests with police coats, introduced themselves as law enforcement officers, penetrated the house, then hit the landlord and began to torture him. 38-year-old Tierd H., who was at home with his 4-year-old daughter at the time, fell victim of a predatory raid. Robbers threatened Tierd with firearms and then pulled out a heavy drill. This happened in front of a child who is now undergoing psychological treatment. The crime was committed on 10 February at 10 pm.

According to De Telegraaf, one of the attackers, allegedly the leader of the group, spoke with a Moroccan accent.

Fifteen police officers are currently investigating the robbery.

The Dutch police did not officially explain what caused the attack, but according to the newspaper's sources, the owner of the house is a bitcoin trader.

Cryptocurrencies are like honey for robbers

Holders of cryptocurrency often fall victims of robberies and armed attacks, and they were even kidnapped with the subsequent demand for ransom. Thus, in the English county of Oxfordshire, in January 2018, four armed robbers attacked a crypto-trader's house, tying up his wife and threatening to kill her.

In Turkey, in the fall of 2017, the police announced that it arrested an entire gang that kidnapped bitcoin investors and forced them to transfer their cryptocurrency assets to their accounts in exchange for their release.