Bitupper is a new player with huge potential in crypto industry. It offers unique features making this new block explorer a real trailblazer.

According to the recent development update from it seems like a new player is paving its road to the crypto industry with the launch of a Bitupper Block Explorer for Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Bitupper is evolving into a cutting-edge portal as more users start using their services to benefit from the clear and user-friendly interface of Bitupper Explorer while more functionality is being added and more services are being developed within the ecosystem.

Since their last publication with the development update in late 2018 number of visitors to Bitupper has tripled, meaning that they are on the right track and the users prove it by using the services more often.

Here is the brief summary from the recent Bitupper development update:

  • bought new own physical servers by HP Enterprise company, installed them into a data center and transferred the infrastructure to the new servers, moving from rent dedicated servers by OVH,
  • added Slovakian language support,
  • made several enhancements to the interface,
  • enabled search/filter of the transactions based on the date period,
  • added the option of viewing a balance on the selected address after a certain transaction,
  • acquired new partnership with Kuna Crypto Exchange.

To view the full update - go to Bitupper medium article

It is worth highlighting these key points from their update: search/filter for the transactions and address balance after transaction.

Search the transactions by time period and amounts on a selected address

It was a long awaited feature for the crypto users and now it is possible to view the transactions on a selected address in the blockchain for a selected range of dates. When you browse an address in Bitcoin Block Explorer or Litecoin Block Explorer by Bitupper, press the Search button, select the desired dates and you will see the transactions for the set period. Great job Bitupper team! This is truly a great feature.

Address balance after transaction (similar to bank statement)

Thanks to Bitupper, you can now look at the address balance after each transaction, same as in the bank statement. In the list of transactions at the address - you can immediately see what the balance was on the address after the transaction.

For example, on the address page — when you point on any transaction, press Show more for more details, which will show a pop-up with the balance after the transaction. As an example, just go to this address and see how it works for yourself.

Partnership with Bitupper

One of the new Bitupper partners is Kuna Crypto Exchange. Kuna Exchange benefits from this partnership as at least 10% of their users are being driven back after seeing a dedicated banner on Bitupper Explorer with Kuna services.

Kuna Exchange users have expressed really positive feedback and the exchange even asked Bitupper to develop explorer for other coins as soon as possible, such as a comprehensible explorer for USDT.

Bitupper welcomes new partners to start using Bitupper Explorer as it shows that the regular users find it more user-friendly and intuitive than most of the block explorers on the market.


To conclude, Bitupper team thanks the users for the great feedback and trust in their services as the project continues to become more functional for everyday use in a movement to drive cryptocurrency adoption worldwide!