One of the largest US publishers opened a job position looking for a blockchain specialist with managerial skills and media experience. But then suddenly deleted the ad.

The New York Times, the second largest newspaper in the United States, is planning to experiment with blockchain technology, using it in its publishing activities. This conclusion can be reached by reading the vacancy published by the newspaper.

According to the description of the position, the New York Times waits for CVs from specialists who "will help envision and design a blockchain-based proof of concept for news publishers." The future employee will have to lead a group of other specialists in the company's research and development department for 12 months. The publisher expects him to "codify the vision for the research project and share that vision with potential stakeholders at other media organizations." In addition, the new employee “will help brand and create a public identity and assets for the project”, developing a roster of advisors from news organizations, academia, and social media companies.

Applicants should have 8 years of leading experience in media organizations and have a portfolio of creative executions that utilize cutting edge technologies, as well as strong communication skills, both written and oral.

The future employee should also have “a mixed skill set with some experience in at least 3 of journalism, product, design, software development, hardware engineering, user research”.

But it seems that the NY Times does not want its blockchain ambitions to go public currently. After Coindesk wrote about the vacancy, the New York Times removed the ad.