Together with our partners in Neironix, Huobi, BitPax and Kaspersky, we are creating a one-of-a kind, global platform for every deserving, innovative and community-driven blockchain company in attendance.

Our voting system is open and global, and to ensure that every cast vote represents your honest view we have set up the real-time monitoring. Our systems are secure and we don’t tolerate attempts of vote manufacturing whose express aim is often time to tamper opinion. Individuals as well as companies who attempt to pull off such fraud will be expelled from participating. Fraud isn’t what blockchain stands for and two companies have so far paid a huge price.

In the meantime, voting is in progress, while on March 26 the super exciting and interesting Market Challenge has begun. It is important that you participate. By voting not only do you stand to win any of the 100 prizes more so if you guess the winning company. That’s not all. Whenever you cast your vote, you influence the market and directly help propel your favorite company to success — financially and from a marketing perspective. Remember, even after the forum, winners and ratings will be published at our global Newconomy platform.

Voting is on, and yesterday we saw five experts evaluating the top 10 companies in each category. Later, the winners of each category will be announced. However, what is interesting -- and this is why you really need to participate—live stream if you can’t attend in person—is the number of speakers ready to dispense everything they know about Blockchain.

Our platform is graced by Andrew Bull, the founder and CEO of Bull Blockchain Law, William Cartmell—a Lawyer, attorney, legal advisor on blockchain matter as well as Joël Valenzuela who is Partner, Public Outreach Director at Dash Force. We also have Marcus R. Brown, a blockchain architect and game developer, Adam Kling, Kerry Pridgen, Eddie Li and Dr. Mark Baker of MediChain. And you know what? We will be getting started. There will be more experts, and by tomorrow you can walk one with any of the 100 prizes with invaluable knowledge up your sleeves on matters blockchain business model, company evaluation, investment styles and many more.