The global market for cryptocurrency ATM production will grow at an average annual growth rate of 46.61%. By 2024, it will reach $183.779 million. But now it shows signals of slowdown.

The world market for cryptocurrency ATM manufacturers in 2018 amounted to $18.503 million, according to a report entitled “Crypto ATM Market – Forecasts from 2019 to 2024.” The explosive growth will be ensured by the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, and it will lead to increased demand for cryptocurrency ATMs. But, like for the rest of the crypto industry, the tightening of state regulation will be a deterrent for crypto ATM manufacturers.

The main markets for crypto vending and selling machines are the USA and Europe. But thanks to the “rising disposable income and growing popularity of cryptocurrency” in the Asia-Pacific region, the market for crypto ATM production will grow there at a faster rate.

The leading manufacturers of crypto ATMs are Genesis Coin, General Bytes, Lamassu, Bitaccess, Coinsource, Covault and Mainstreet Automaten.

Currently, the number of crypto ATMs in the world is almost 4,500 machines. On 1 January 2019, there were 4125 ATMs worldwide.

The largest manufacturers are General Bytes and Genesis Coin. They account for 31.8% and 31.3% of the global market, respectively. The third place is occupied by Lamassu, with 9.8% market share.

Of the 3508 crypto ATMs, almost two thirds, or 3,132 ATMs, support altcoins in addition to bitcoin. Litecoin (2922 ATM) has become the most popular altcoin for crypto ATMs. The second place is occupied by Ethereum, with 2448 ATMs supporting ETH.

The installation speed of crypto ATMs in the world has decreased in recent weeks and slowed down to 4.4 machines per day.

Nearly three-quarters of all bitcoin-ATMs are located in the countries of North America. The USA is the leader in this field, with 2581 crypto ATMs installed in the United States. Canada stands on the second place, with 631 crypto machines installed, and Austria occupies the third place, with 268 bitcoin-ATMs.