CryptoProcessing team has announced that their multi-level API for interactions with blockchains begins supporting Tether (USDT) starting from 24 March 2019. 

CryptoProcessing is a multi-level technical solution for interaction with blockchains. It provides API for secure, fast and simple access to blockchains on all levels of interactions: from infrastructure level to "Ready to go" products.

USDT is available in web interface as well as in API mode. You may create USDT wallets, addresses, receive/send USD stable-coins.

“Many thanks to Omni Layer team, especially to Craig Sellars and Adam for technical support and guiding through the integration process,” said CTO CryptoProcessing Eugene Khashin.

USDT is an OMNI stable-coin which has an implementation on top of Bitcoin network. More information about USDT is available on the official webpage

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