The mistakes of the past have already become history. New rules of work are being created, they are being actively discussed. Previously used initial coin offering (ICO). There is a gradual transition to IEO.

It should be noted: there are no significant differences between ICO and IEO (initial exchange offerings). Using IEO avoids some of the typical risks. There is a lot of information on the Internet about the centralized and decentralized crowd funding. It remains for me to draw the last line before the pursuit of profit. Preparing a silver case for money and a stopwatch! You still have time to get into the number of happy investors. It is important not to be late to getting started. Otherwise, substantial revenues will remain only in dreams.

The dawn of the work of the initial coin offering fell on 2017-2018. The ICO march at that time was victorious and short. After some time the abbreviation became nominal and even abusive. Almost always you can hear from beginners: «the main difference of our project is that it does not look like an ICO». Money is still being asked for. But without them, it’s all the same, right? Because a little shouted that the ICO died forever - and that's enough.


But I can safely say: ICO is very much alive! And his name is IEO. After all, no one has canceled the right to a beautiful life. Crowd funding was, is and always will be. The reason for this is very simple: it originated long before the appearance of the blockchain, the rest of the fashionable things. Over time, everything changes, but some things remain the same. The essence remains the same.


Many people ask: what kind of group funding was before, in former times? Was there a need to develop money for the construction or modernization of the mill, other industries for profit in the future?


No reliable data is available. But this is quite possible. The most intelligent came up with the use of debt receipts. Later they became paper money and changed their value over time. Then - stocks, other securities. Next - token. They combined the usual properties of paper money and computer code. It is very convenient, right? And most users are not interested in reliability. Enough conventional trust.


Therefore, the word «Trust» is so often used by companies working with the blockchain. Most users wonder: who should be trusted? First of all - yourself. Great experience, a great sense, developed by investing in successful projects. You, like the head of Google, no need to get used to it. But! At Google, you're a simple user. Does the word «investment» and «crowd founding» cause fear?


The solution is to contact specialists. They will take you by the hand, hold you to the very top of Olympus. Everything will not be so colorful. But more reliably than trusting rogues. They often show a beautiful site like Satoshi Nakamoto, speak in incomprehensible words.


IEO is used instead of ICO and it works only on crypto currency exchanges. In the future, serious differences between conventional and crypto currency trading platforms on the Internet will be absent. Association is possible. On one platform will be presented familiar assets and operating on the basis of the blockchain. The latter are likely to take the championship.


Investment Buddhism is already close. And I am in a hurry to adopt a new faith in the name of the many-faced deity - the Almighty Blockchain and his prophet Satoshi Nakamoto!

If you look at the situation seriously: we see the birth of a new and not the last way to collect money «from the world». For the first time, IEO took advantage of many popular, well-known exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin, EXMO and others.


And I myself am looking forward to the start of the sale of tokens from the new project Unification of BitForex operating on the stock exchange. Start of work is scheduled for April 10 of this year. It should be noted: BitForex Exchange, which I previously asked you, has very good reviews. At the same time, by the majority of indicators it overtook its main competitor - Binance. Including the volume of trades.


You can describe the entire project briefly: Unification is the popular, public Mainchain and open/private WRKChains. With it, companies can create secure databases, their own assets. For example, stablecoin and tokens. They are often used in game instructions. An important feature of the WRKChain is that it can keep important data closed to the public network. Also simplified the process of connecting decentralized applications (DAPPS).

Developers will be able to create 100% protected WRKChains. They communicate with the public Mainchain - the mechanism of work on the principle of PoS: DistributedStakeGovernance (DSG) is applied.

The reason for the high level of protection is the use of 96 nodes. They are randomly selected every 3 days. The amount of the deposit is taken into account. Over time, the value of the reward for each block decreases. That is why those who started to participate earlier in the project receive a small income.


The project itself seemed to me very interesting and promising. First of all, it is calculated on the corporate, legal sector. The combination of open and closed, private blockфchain - the most demanded. In addition to Unification, I found several more projects. I will write about them a little later.

What is the main difference between ICO and IEO? The last option is chosen by the conservatives. And they are difficult to condemn - it is not easy to trust unknown people with an incomprehensible idea, unfamiliar business policy.


Employees of exchanges with a good reputation value their name. Because choose for you the most profitable, juicy projects. Necessary agreements will be concluded. The longer the client cooperates and the more they invest, the more profitable the exchanges offer. It is important to note: the security level of ICO is still an order of magnitude higher than IEO.

Lawmakers have long planned to take into circulation the popular trading platforms. The consequence of this was the emergence of ICO. It will allow regulating the stock exchange according to all conceivable and inconceivable rules.


For those just starting their business, this is very convenient. There is no longer any need to worry about scary hackers - planning attacks, stealing funds from honest investors. All risks, security assumes the exchange. For a fee, you can make a listing token. Such a solution today - the most profitable, safe. The times of «wild, wild ICO» are in the past.

Are there any disadvantages? Yes of course! The most important is the lack of competence. It adversely affects the financial balance, the standard of living. It is important to believe in a bright future! It will make your life less dull and dull. You need to risk, invest, explore new areas of earnings. And do not believe me and those like me - all you need to check only on their own experience! We do not know defeats - because we do not expect them. Life is one and you always need to know - what do you want to get from it!


If you are not ready for a change - forget about the funding and read the article! Have a good mood and profitable investment!


By Katerina Kondratenko