A decentralized next-generation file storage system will be created on the basis of BitTorrent which was bought last year by the blockchain system TRON.

On 30 May, BitTorrent will launch the decentralized file-sharing system called BitTorrent File System (BTFS), which will become the first scalable decentralized data storage system and platform for decentralized applications. The founder of TRON and owner of BitTorrent Justin Sun tweeted:

"Welcome to the next generation of decentralized storage systems! #BTFS will be the largest P2P storage network with close to 100 million @BitTorrent user nodes, over 1000 #TRON full nodes, 27 SR nodes, and global #TronGrid nodes. 3 days left! Are you excited?"


No more details of the upcoming launch were reported.

TRON is not the first project that promises to create a system of decentralized file storage based on the blockchain technology. Previously, projects such as Filecoin, Sia, and others appeared on the market, but none of them managed to gain truly worldwide popularity. It is worth noting that, in 2017, experts revealed entire pieces of White Paper TRON that were plagiarized from descriptions of Filecoin and IPFS projects.

Justin Sun bought the company behind BitTorrent in June 2018. BitTorrent, Inc. was founded in 2004. A month later, Sun wrote that it was planned to merge the BitTorrent peer-to-peer data exchange protocol and TRON blockchain into a single Atlas system, which is supposed to become the most popular public blockchain in the world.