The Bakkt crypto-trading platform, founded by the New York Stock Exchange's operator, Intercontinental Exchange, will open bitcoin futures testing on 22 July.

Adam White, chief operating officer of the cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt, reported that the platform “initiate user acceptance testing for its bitcoin futures”. Contracts will be listed and traded at ICE Futures U.S. and cleared at ICE Clear US.

Last month Bakkt announced that it would begin testing in July, but did not specify the date. White compared the launch of Bakkt with the moon landing of Apollo 11, which also took place in July, but 50 years earlier.

Bakkt will test two types of bitcoin contracts: futures contract expiring in a day and in a month. Bakkt plans to certify both futures independently.

The main difference between the bitcoin futures from Bakkt and similar derivatives from other traditional platforms is that Bakkr's contracts suppose physical supply of cryptocurrency. Unlike cash contracts, such as those on the Chicago-based CME, Bakkt’s customers will receive bitcoins, not fiat equivalent, after the expiration date.

Bakkt also clarified specifications for both types of contracts. Lot of contract is equal to one bitcoin. Both futures will have a minimum price change of $2.5. The exchange initially announced that Bakkt would be launched in December 2018 or January 2019, but the launch was postponed due to the lack of permits from US regulators.