Even though there’s just a little less than a year before the launch of the Facebook cryptocurrency – Libra, crypto exchange platforms already claim to be ready to list the new digital token.

On June 18, Facebook made the long-expected official statement: it’s the first time Mark Zuckerberg spoke in detail about the process of creating and the stage of development of the Libra cryptocurrency project. The world’s biggest social network cryptocurrency, which has already received the support of 27 organizations including Visa and Uber, is expected to be launched in the first half of 2020. A white paper of the crypto project has been published on the site of the noncommercial organization Libra Association, the site of the Calibra crypto wallet has also been launched. All those who wish to do so, can apply for the service testing there. It will be possible to buy Libra coins, proceed day-to-day shopping and micro-transactions using Calibra.


It isn’t still officially known whether Libra will be listed on the world’s top crypto exchange platforms, however it’s already possible to speculate which platforms to expect the new ticker to be in the list of supported coins and to find out the crypto exchanges’ attitude towards the Facebook ambiguous initiative.




Coinbase is one of the Libra association’s participants, supervising the cryptocurrency project’s development. But the USA crypto exchange platform and Facebook have more than this in common. Since May of 2018, David Marcus, Paypal ex-president and the current member of the Coinbase crypto exchange’s board of directors, is the head of the social network’s department in charge of the blockchain solutions’ development. Marcus had been Facebook vice president of messenger development before May of 2018.


Among 27 association members, Coinbase is one of 4 companies specialized in blockchain development and cryptocurrencies Xapo, Anchorage, and BisonTrails, and the only one to manage a crypto-trading platform. Considering the fact that Facebook intends to properly execute regulators’ demands in order to fight against money laundering and fraudulent activities, Coinbase  would be the closest ally, already having experience in cooperating with US financial authorities.




Registered in Great Britain, bitcoin exchange platform Bitlish has expressed an intention to list the Libra cryptocurrency, says Bitlish founder Sergey Esipov. Even though the Facebook crypto project is debatable in the crypto enthusiasts’ community due to the social network’s commitment to disclose the coins’ holders personal data to  authorities, Libra has some unarguable advantages, which are attractive for crypto exchanges.


“The launch of a digital currency by a social network having the number of users Facebook does will surely attract attention to cryptocurrencies, even of those who have never heard about crypto before or haven’t been interested, Esipov believes. Thanks to Libra, they will be able to discover bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is what is going to happen to all the crypto community – the mass expansion of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Since 2015, Bitlish aimed to break geographical barriers, to make cryptotechnologies’ and cryptocurrencies’ advantages known to customers all over the globe, this is what we have in common with the Facebook crypto project. As for today, Bitlish crypto wallet works with more than 35 payment and bank systems, providing its services in 150 countries.”


According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s estimations, about a million persons all over the world, who don’t have ready access to bank and financial services, will become Libra users.


“The increase of interest for cryptocurrencies thanks to Libra can already be seen, Esipov remarks, 24 hours before the Facebook announcement about the launch of their own cryptocurrency, bitcoin had passed the long awaited $9000 barrier and had reached a one-year high.”


According to him, Bitlish as well as other crypto exchanges are interested in Libra, because this coin’s listing can potentially attract tens of millions of users to crypto-trading platforms.