Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation, could not take part in the dinner with Warren Buffett and canceled it. The official version is that Sun suffers kidney stone disease, but Chinese media report that he is under an order not to leave China.

On 23 July, TRON Foundation announced that Justin Sun postponed lunch with the famous investor Warren Buffett, for which Sun had paid $4.5 million. Tron Foundation explained the decision by saying that Sun suffers aggravation of kidney stone disease. Both parties agreed to postpone the dinner to a later date. Dinner was to be held on July 25th.


But later, two Chinese media, the 21st Century Business Herald and Caixin, reported that Sun could not leave China because he was under an order not to leave the country. According to 21st Century Business Herald, this is due to the fact that Chinese authorities accuse Sun of illegally attracting investments from residents of mainland China, providing illegal gaming services on the TRON blockchain, and distributing pornography banned in China through the social network Peiwo.

The TRON Foundation claims that Chinese media reports are fake, and Justin Sun is in San Francisco. Justin also tweeted that he was in the United States. He attached photos with views of San Francisco on the background. He holds in his hands a piece of paper with the current TRON hash to confirm that these photos are actual. However, he did not refute and did not confirm the information that he is under investigation in China.

On July 24, Sun tweeted that he was feeling much better and was ready to return to work this Friday.